Lex & Plu

DIRECTORS: Alexey and Polina Minchenok/ 2019

The series centers on the adventures of a fox called Lex and his racoon friend, Plu. They live in the outskirts of the Universe and spend their days doing what they enjoy best — driving a space taxi.

Lex and Plu are romantics and dreamers. They get around driving their taxi cab, which they built d themselves. It’s always there for them, just like their buddies: Trish the fox, Greg the blue-footed booby, and a tiny mushroom called Crispy. This is not a team of glory-seeking superheroes, but they just might, unwittingly, save a couple of planets along the way.

Created by: Alexey and Polina Minchenok

Music by: Anton Bulle

Producers: Artem Vasilyev, Vyacheslav Murugov, Karina Kabanova, Kseniya Gordienko

Executive producer: Alexey Grishin

Line producer: Maria Sharova