Tied Up

Created by Konstantin Bronzit, Dmitriy Vysotskiy / 2024

"Tied Up" is an animated feature film by Konstantin Bronzit and Dmitriy Vysotskiy. The main characters in this story are everyday items that have been discarded and now live the life of trash. They hear about Paradise and decide to find it. Throughout their dangerous adventure around the city, the characters pick up valuable lessons about what it truly means to be alive. "Tied Up" is an allegorical film for a family audience.

Сo-production with Lakeside Animation Studio (Canada) supported by the Russian Cinema Fund.

Directors: Konstantin Bronzit, Dmitriy Vysotskiy
Screenwriters: Dmitry Vysotsky, Konstantin Bronzit, Aron Dunn
Production Designer: Roman Sokolov
Executive Producers: Artem Vasiliev, Karina Kabanova, Iouri Stepanov