Aleksandr Irinarkhov, Tatiana Gulina / 2017

We teamed up with Yandex and made a documentary series about people who make the world a better place by seeking and finding answers to life’s difficult questions. They have found purpose where other people would probably have caved in or taken a more conventional route.

The subjects of the project have one thing in common — they have found their calling and truly love what they do. Their lives are all about creative and professional development, so they are constantly seeking new ideas and answers.

Directors: Aleksandr Irinarkhov, Tatiana Gulina
Directors of Photography: Mikhail Khursevich, Konstantin Silakov, Olga Pankova
Composer: Georgy Khimoroda
Executive Producers: Artem Vasilyev
Producers: Alexey Grishin, Anton Belov
Line Producers: Dmitriy Grishin, Rina Shtorm
Creative Producer: Aleksandr Irinarkhov
Editors: Rostislav Smirnyagin, Kirill Piskarev, Alexander Krylov