Twelve true stories on whom and how people trust — from an elephant handler to a blind call-center specialist. Each episode is lovingly illustrated by a team of talented animators.

Directors: Aleksandr Irinarkhov, Yulia Ruditskaya, Dmitriy Vysotskiy, Denis Voronin, Konstantin Golubkov, Elizaveta Skvortsova, Aleksey Minchenok, Polina Minchenok, Olga Poliektova, Tatiana Poliektova, Nadya Mira, Zoya Kireyeva, Svyatoslav Ushakov, Mikhail Aldashin, Aleksey Alekseyev
Director of Photography: Ksenia Sereda
Editor: Alexander Krylov
Executive Producer: Artem Vasilyev
Producer: Alexey Grishin
Creative Producer: Aleksandr Irinarkhov
Animation Producer: Lyubov Gaydukova
Production Assistant: Karina Petrova
Editor-in-Chief: Daria Kuznetsova

Ksenia Yelkina, a circus performer

“It was a tough time. We worked from 9 AM to 11 PM, and everyday he had my life in his hands.”

Alexander Vertogolov, an ENT specialist.

“Hello, doctor! You are my number ‘thirteen’, hope it’s my lucky number.”

Denis Kiselev, a mountain climber

“The moment you get afraid, the fear blocks everything out. And my goal is to convince people that they are capable.”
Artem Chenchik, a police officer

“Few people can say that at the age of 24 they have experience performing exorcism”
Alexander Yudin, a hockey playerт

“It was clear to everyone — if we made a mistake, we’d be sent to a military base”
Alexander Gynku, a pilot

“It was showing an abnormally high temperature, the engine shut down, and I knew I had to land in a forest, with very low chance of survival”

Mikhail Materiy, an air traffic controller

“What is an air traffic controller? They are masters of the sky, conductors of airways”

Irina Cheshlya and Ruslan Gasanov

“He imagined bears playing balalaikas here, and Russian hackers busy with helping Trump. But he trusted some strangers from Russia with his documents, results of a business meeting, and quite possibly with his fate…”

Valeriya Germanika, a director

“In a way, I am putting my bleeding heart on the altar of Russian cinema”
Nail Alimzhanov, a shopkeeper

“We should trust each other more, because trust might be the very foundation of the world”
Aleksey Ovchinnikov, a teacher

“If you are working as a teacher — it’s not for nothing, there must be something that brought you here, something special”

Andrey Dementiev-Kornilov, a handler

“Many people ask me if animals are difficult to work with. I always answer that it’s people who are difficult to work with”